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Environmental Design for a Sustainable Future
– community workshops

2019 – on going

Nei Ming Chan Lui Chung Tak Memorial College,
Lutheran Academy and Harbour City, Hong Kong

Project Description:

Community co-design workshops were conducted with local partnering schools and Project WeCan to raise awareness of younger generations on the built environment of local communities, as well as basic principles of sustainable architecture. The interactive co-creation workshop explored the team’s common vision on a more sustainable environmental design in Hong Kong. With an assigned design challenge, fundamental architectural design elements, concept of public space as well as environmental design principles were shared with the students. Participants were provided with tools and materials to resolve a simple design challenge. The collaborative process and creative outcomes were presented in a public exhibition at the Harbour City, Hong Kong.

As a co-create workshop, we would like our event participants to always be credited for their creative input for any display and/or publication of the creative outputs:

Lo Chun To, Chen Yubo, Wong Miu Lans, Lum Ka Wai, Fung Lai Man, Kwan Suet To, Sze Pak Yan, Ryan, Tai Hoi Kiu Gemma, Tam Ho Wing, Nicole Lan Yan Yu, Wong Hei Tung, Chow Suet Yi, Leung Sin Ting, Wong Chi Shing, Ng Hiu Sing, Thapa Tiffany Joyce Legarda, Ting Chi Wah, Sandy, Ching Sheung Yi, Chung Ching Ka, Coco Wong Lok Tung, Chui Man Wai, Wong Lok Yi Kanon, Leung Siu Lun, Fong Sam Zung Joey, Yan Chun Ki Vincent, Ye Yulin, Mak Chung Hin, Sin Wing Ki, Li Ho Tung.

Description how the project contributes with humanity:

-The project raises younger generations’ sense of participation in the built environment of their local neighbourhood.

-The workshops equip participants with basic skills and tools to contribute to the creation of local community.

-Promotion of sustainable architecture contributes to the global challenge of the environmental crisis and to achieve a low-carbon urban footprint.

-Exposure to the architecture/ design practices provide students opportunities of early career exposure.

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