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HKAC X HKAC: Via North Point “Urban Co-Creator”


North Point

Project Description:

Funded by the Urban Renewal Fund, the Hong Kong Arts Centre has launched a public art and community engagement project in North Point named Via North Point (“the Project”). The Project carries a key mission in empowering the community to envision a better future use of public space, and further transform the neigbhourhood for a better quality of living for the North Point residents.

Hong Kong Arts Centre, in collaboration with Hong Kong Architecture Centre, jointly launcha series of public participatory workshops – “Urban Co-Creator: In Action” as part of the Project.  The footbridge connecting Tong Shui Road and Java Road for the Project is served as a testing ground to discover the possibilities with public input through a feedback loop of experimentation, evolvement and evaluation as a reference to inform the decision-making authorities.

Description how the project contributes with humanity:

Led by architect tutors Tony IP, Sarah MUI & CHOI Kit Wang, together with Engineer Sally LEUNG, Surveyor Christina WONG, the 4-month programme roughly separates into 4 themes: Understanding of Brief & Site Analysis, Formulation of Design Ideas, Prototyping, and Testing & Validation. During these workshops, participants partake in zoom meetings and site visits to gain first-hand understanding of our community, so to reflect on the public space, environment, community facilities, etc.

The programme nurtures the first batch of the “Urban Co-Creators” and brings them valuable experience in co-designing their living environment, as well as to promote the community engagement in the process of thinking and designing public spaces that are closely relevant to them.

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