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KOFA Kindergarten Redevelopment Project


Fuitan Shenzhen, China

Project Description:

How to make it happen

Kofa Kindergarten is a school redevelopment project that covers over 3,600 sq m. In addition to its 12 standard classrooms, the functional areas include a school gym, food and nutrition
workroom, multi-functional reading hall, immersive science and technology hall, a jogging track that wraps around the complex, a unique sand-and-water pool and a Lego studio, etc.

The old building consisted of geometric combinations; hence we refined and strengthened the existence of geometry in the space, infused each geometric body with functions, and penetrated them with a large staircase.

The existence of three basic geometric forms (triangles, squares and circles) are highlighted in
different spaces and symbolized as basic elements of the kindergarten. It is also a great chance to introduce the fundamental idea of space in kindergarten as it is children’s first social space.

As the starting point for children’s learning path, kindergartens subtly cultivate their aesthetics and creativity in the process. Our design goal is to create a safe and inviting environment for children to explore, and to utilize the architectural space to inspire their thinking and imagination.

Description how the project contributes with humanity:

As architects, our mission for the kindergarten and its landscape is to add richness to the
beginning of oneself live.

A natural, comfortable and respected environment
As most kindergartens are full of colors, we do the opposite. Furniture is all made with natural materials, with white color and simple lines. Growing up with natural materials is believed to calm children emotion, it has a positive impact to their psychological development.

Appreciation of nature
We transformed the courtyard and outdoor space into a forest full of invisible and abstract light and shadow, hoping our children could be inspired and feel the mysteries of nature while wandering in this space, and could explore the relationship of nature and life through sunshine, moonlight and starry night.

As our key design elements, light and shadow connect different functional areas into a complete harmony. The center of the kindergarten is an open reading hall, the top is a unique skylight composed of a geometric aluminum plate, light and shadow wandering around with the change of time. It becomes a floating artwork, giving this space an unlimited vitality.

Nurturing Creativity
This simplicity can create thousands of dynamic flowing scenes with the light and shadow floating around the architecture. Children and teachers therefore can project their infinite creativity without limitation.

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