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Oootopia Kai Tak, Oootopia Tai Kok Tsui


Ma Tau Wai, Tai Kok Tsui

Project Description:

In early 2018, we were commissioned by an international real estate fund to design an
apartment for the young up-and-coming in Hong Kong. Our client had bought two old 8 stories buildings (around 50 years of age); one at Ma Tau Wai and another at Tai Kok Tsui – both aged areas in Hong Kong.

Background Research
After 3 months of market research, we learned that there is a service gap in the housing market for millennials. Our target group is the 25 to 35 years old, who are ascertaining certain degree of successes. They wish to share their ideas and dreams within a community at the same time having privacy.

Total Design Philosophy
For this project, we were not only the architect, but also the storyteller. Our service including market researching, brand building, marketing strategical planning, illustration, mascot and visual identity designing.

48-50 ensuite rooms per building. Room types varied in bunk, single, twin beds.

Description how the project contributes with humanity:

Three OOOs
Co-living should never be confused with co-sleeping. Our aim was to create an ideal
transitional living spaces for a clan of compassionate social conscious individuals or expats. We have further encapsulated our ideals into three “OOOs”: Opportunity, Openness and Originality.

Opportunity: a good quality and reasonable priced place where dreams can be nurtured here

Openness: facilitating interactions as an Oootopia community

Originality: variety of people is co-existing upon similar values or by respecting difference values

The Oootopians Community
We wish to build a community and make Oootopian an identity to be proud of. Interpersonal communication is designed to be facilitated both online and offline. The up-and-coming Oootopians may share at the “living room” or the tatami tearoom. Each Oootopia is fitted with a living room which is essentially a chill-out space with a large kitchen. A community may foster at the living room when tenants choose to interact.

Tenants may also meet each other online – on the Oootopian App we created. Football
games, clubbing nights, movie nights, and potlucks and anything you can name it. Through the App, Oootopians can know who is online and wish to be ‘discovered”. To tell Oootopians that “You are not alone in this journey.”

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