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Recycled Glass Brick Spiral 再生·玻·螺·遊


PMQ, Hong Kong

Project Description:

The symptomatic deterioration of our urban spaces, largely as a result of privatization, tightened controls, proliferation of mobile devices and, more recently, social distancing measures brought on by global pandemic, has prompted us to reconsider the possibility of a more creative approach to building our environment. For Detour 2020, we have created an art installation in a spiralling form built by over 100 of recycled glass bricks and encourage visitors to enjoy time of “self” –alone, “few” –together and “many” –gathering.

Description how the project contributes with humanity:

We focus on glass, particularly the second life of glass after it has fulfilled its purpose as beverage bottles, containers, or shopfront windows, as we recycle it into a whole new type of building material. Through previous research and experimentation, we have found that glass can be recycled and molten back into primitive granules, which then can be mixed with resin and made into recycled glass bricks that are semi-transparent and fairly durable.

We propose to use recycled glass bricks to create an installation that takes people on a journey through different types of social distances. It consists of urban spaces of varying scales, all contained in a spiral structure built with recycled glass bricks. Moreover, the semi-transparency and perforations between the stacked brickwork induce varied experiences and perspectives, as opposed to our regular urban spaces that are often impermeable.

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