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Social Ring 社交圈


Hoi Fai Road Promenade, Hong Kong

Project Description:

Adaptable Urban Furniture

The Social Ring is an innovative urban intervention that encourages greater community interaction and involvement during these times of social distancing. Through its design of 10 modular tables and benches that are freely movable within a circular ring, users are encouraged to configure the furniture according to their particular needs, for example:

1.10 modules combined to form a mini theatre for public cultural performances

2.5 modules combined x 2 nos. toallow family and friends to gather in small groups

3.2 modules combined x 5 nos. to allow friends and couples to have a more intimate gathering

4.1 module x 10 nos. to allow individuals to maintain social distances by sitting down separately

Description how the project contributes with humanity:

All-inclusive & Human-oriented Design

Each of the 10 modules of Social Ring are tailor made with various sizes that allow all age group in the community to enjoy. In addition, the sectional hollow profiles were designed for the following reasons:

1.To ensure each module is as light as possible for users to move them around the track

2.To allow users to place their personal belongings such as handbags inside

3.To allow legroom when the module serves as a table

Wellness & Sustainability

In addition to functional and safety reasons, the dimensions of the modules are carefully considered to ensure material wastage is minimal. For instance, module C cut size is within the inner side of module B, ensuring that materials are used efficiently and to reduce cost. Moreover, the modular design system ensures Social Ring can be easily relocated to other public spaces to continue to serve as an urban furniture.

Community Optimism

After completion, it has been observed that Social Ring is most popular after school hours and during weekends for elderlies, families and kids to gather. Social Ring diversifies the urban fabric along the promenade to improve the well-being and involvement of the community, to demonstrate a new flexible form of socially distanced gathering.

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