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The Symphony of North Point 北角交響樂


North Point Waterfront Promenade, Hong Kong

Project Description:

Sound as a medium

Sound has no boundaries. A simple greeting, or a short piece of music can already bring out a heart-felt warmth to people, while the peaceful sounds of nature can bring a sense of calm and serenity to chaotic city life. “The Symphony of North Point” is an urban furniture and sound exchanging device that encourages inter-generational communication through the sound of People, Places and Nature. We believe sound as a medium for communication has the power to transcend and break down the boundaries of age, gender, and race in the beautiful neighbourhoods and communities of North Point.

Adaptable Urban Furniture

“The Social Ring” is an innovative urban intervention that encourages greater community interaction and involvement during these times of social distancing. Through its design of 10 modular tables and benches that are freely movable within a circular ring, users are encouraged to configure the furniture according to their particular needs, for example: 1. 10 modules combined to form a mini theatre for public cultural performances 2. 5 modules combined x 2 nos. to allow family and friends to gather in small groups 3. 2 modules combined x 5 nos. to allow friends and couples to have a more intimate gathering 4. 1 module x 10 nos. to allow individuals to maintain social distances by sitting down separately

Description how the project contributes with humanity:

North Point Multi-Generational Community

North Point is a multi-generational district, yet, we observe that the elderly residents and teenagers rarely spend time together and socialize. For instance, Pavilion at North Point Promenade is mostly used by elderly residents during the day and teenagers during the night. Based on the above observations, “The Symphony of North Point” is composed of multiple interconnected and intertwined sound devices that connects the elderly and the youth together through the Sound of People, Place and Nature, such as Sound of Ocean, Tree, Dance, Busking and New Friends.

Social Engagement

As part of our collaboration with North Point Happy Teens Club (NPHTC), we had involved the teenagers and parents in the colour selection process. Their choices are also in line with our design intent: gradient of metallic colours is a modern reinterpretation of traditional musical instruments while also allowing the artwork to blend effortlessly with the surroundings. During mock up and after completion, we were so excited to see bands from NPHTC joining us at “The Symphony of North Point” to play their jams. Their passion is uplifting and inspirational, and we would love to see more buskers, musicians and singers sharing their talents In Hong Kong.

Community Optimism

After completion, it has been observed that “Social Ring” is most popular after school hours and during weekends for elderlies, families and kids to gather. Social Ring diversifies the urban fabric along the promenade to improve the well-being and involvement of the community, to demonstrate a new flexible form of socially distanced gathering.

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