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Victoria Vessel


WanChai Water Sports & Recreation Precinct

Project Description:

As one of the public furniture located at the Wan Chai promenade, the Victoria Vessel aim to provide a place for all age groups of users and pets, users can sleep on the permeable fabric enjoying the sea breeze, children can climb on the timber structure for fun or sit on the edge beam observing the harbour. Informed by precedent and traditional maritime craftsmanship, designer chose to use timber as the only material despite the high cost to explore the potential of timber structure in Hong Kong, at the same time providing a safe and welcoming experience to the users. Together with the phase 2 playground development at the same location, the Vessel will be a popular add-on to the promenade.

Description how the project contributes with humanity:

Contribution to the Humanity

As one of the winning entries of the public furniture design competition, the Victoria Vessel aims to bring an interactive, unique, and sustainable addition to the Wan Chai promenade to serve all stake holders of the harbour. Sustainability, experimental and considerate design are the 3 main design objectives of this urban furniture project.

We believe a good design should cater for all type of potential users of the promenade, including kids, adults, couples, elderlies and pets, users can sit, lay down for a nap, play as a slide, or resting underneath to keep an eye on their kids. The carefully designed furniture has become one of the most popular attractions during day and night in the area.

Moreover, a good design should also maximise its usable time during different time and weather, at the same time designed to extend it lifetime before demolishing. Hammock style design and the use of timber is to keep the surface temperature as low as possible, so users can stay and touch the furniture even after a sunny day. Elevated and curve detail can also keep away from water during and after rain, hence reduce the risk of rotten.

The use of pure timber structure is an experimental decision to test the possibility of sustainable construction material in Hong Kong, a sub-tropical climate with typhoon during the year. The timber furniture sitting at one of the most humid, most exposed location to the unpleasant weather for a year and counting, has proved the mature technique of glulam fabrication has a lot of potential in Hong Kong. We hope this beautiful design can be used as a demonstrator of sustainable future to the public as well as the construction industry, hence promote the use of structural timber and speed up the legislative progress of allow new sustainable materials.



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